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Timex Road Trainer

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Timex Road Trainer
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TIMEX IRONMAN ROAD TRAINER HEART RATE MONITOR :: The full size Timex Ironman Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor helps you keep your workouts on target with heart rate monitor functions: target zone alerts, %-of-max heart rate, and tons more. INDIGLO lets you view watch face on your early morning or late night runs. Chest strap included. Full size is best for larger wrists and gives you larger viewing area.
  • Target Zone with alert: Preset your desired custom or automatic exercise zone
  • Automatic zone calculation: Sets 5 training zones based on your max heart rate
  • Time in zone: Shows the time you spent within your selected target heart rate zone
  • %-of-Max heart rate display: In addition to beats per minute
  • Workout review: Recalls average, peak and minimum heart rates and calories burned
  • Recovery heart rate timer: Measure your change in heart rate after a timed period
  • 50-Lap chrono: Recall lap and split times with average heart rate for each lap
  • INDIGLO night-light: Helps you see better on your evening/early morning runs
  • Alarm with 5-minute backup