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Swim Spray

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Swim Spray
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All natural SwimSpray removes chlorine from hair and skin. Swimmers require special haircare and skin products because of exposure to chlorine. Chlorine is prevalent in swimming pools, hot tubs, and water parks. Chlorine damages swimmers' hair, making it dry, birttle, smelly, and discolored. It also irritates the skin making it dry, smelly, and itchy. Some swimmers have chlorine allergies, which arise from contact with chlorine.

SwimSpray is an anti-chlorine spray, which removes chlorine from swimmers' hair and skin -- perfect for those with chlorine allergies or those wanting to quickly rid themselves of chlorine's smell and side effects. SwimSpray's vitamin C treatment washes away all of the chlorine.

Swimmers have complained of "always smelling like chlorine" for years. SwimSpray's inventor hypothesized that this lingering smell of chlorine signified the presence of residual chlorine. SwimSpray eliminates the cause of a swimmer's chlorine odor -- residual chlorine on hair and skin.

SwimSpray washes residual chlorine away from hair and skin. Simply spray SwimSpray onto the hair and skin in the shower -- prior to using other products. SwimSpray works surprisingly well afer just one use -- completely eliminating residual chlorine and lingering odor.

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