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Strokemaker Paddles

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Strokemaker Paddles
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Strokemaker paddles were one of the first technical paddles designed to improve strength and technique.

Widely used training paddle - used by top college and age group programs alike.

During the years surround the Olympics, some colors may be red/white/blue themed in honor of the Olympics.

Improves your stroke in several ways:

Increases DPS (distance per stroke) by inhibiting early recovery;

Strengthens swimming specific muscles as well as muscles used in water propulsion;

The flexible design and holes in the paddles improve the swimmers feel for the water;

Paddles exaggerate to the swimmer both incorrect and correct movement.

Strokemaker paddles are very versatile. Newer swimmers can used them (start with smaller size, please!) and more advanced swimmers can use them with all four strokes, sprinting sets, in conjunction with fins for a high speed workout.

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